Affordable Luxury. Exceptional Returns.

We transform tired old buildings into affordable yet luxurious London homes. 

Through our creative design and build process, we’re developing a highly profitable investment portfolio.

Happy tenants, happy investors. It’s a win-win all round.

It starts and ends with good design.

Design isn’t just about picking colours and furniture – although that’s important. Good design goes right to the fabric of the building.

The properties we buy are crying out for conversion. They were built in an era when people lived differently, when we didn’t have a housing crisis.

Our conversion process brings them back to life. By creatively extending and reconfiguring buildings, we bring new, fit-for-purpose space to the rental market at affordable prices for our customers.

It’s not complicated: people want to live somewhere nice, that they can afford.

Go behind the scenes.

Follow SANCTUM LDN founder, Roland Symonds, to get a behind-the-scenes view of our business. Get a taste of the start-to-finish conversion process and see how we add massive value to our property portfolio.

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